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Facility Management
Residential Properties :
  • Space Service is the largest group managing residential facilities of 90 Lac sq mtr.
  • Total facility space of 90,000 Lacs sq mtr in India.
  • Potential acquisitions – public and private residential facility management companies and Space Service’s subcontractors.
Commercial Properties & Offices :
  • Space Service is managing commercial properties and offices of 1 Lacs sq mtr.
  • Total commercial property and office space of 3 Lacs sq mtr.
  • Space Service serves the facilities of large commercial banks in India.
Public Facilities :
  • Space Service is the only provider of management of energy resources in India.
  • Total education facility space of 10 Lacs sq mtr.
Facility Management - Indian Context :
  • Facilities management services market in India was valued at INR 585 billion in 2011 and is slated to grow at a rate of 25%.
  • Limited trained manpower - hence prone to poaching
  • No training institute with a focus on FM
  • Acute manpower shortage foreseen in future
  • Vendors as business partners
  • Most facilities are over manned
  • Performance based Management fee with a fair fixed fee
  • Develop applicability of FM to all types of infrastructure like township, factory, hospitals, airports, Govt. establishments, etc.
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